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 With fluidity you created a sacred space for me to safely and deeply explore my inner most sufferings. The guidance and nurturing you provided with  retrospect helped me get closer to my truth. You are wise and powerful yet soft and tactful. You will forever be my dearest teacher. 



Year Long Contemplative & Connect to Spirit

- Ashley W

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I have found a lifetime teacher in Susan Ashley. Even if the 90-day Connect-to-Spirit program will be our only time together as teacher-student I have gleaned a lifetime of practices and teachings to continue working with. I do hope that life will bring many more opportunities to practice with Susan Ashley, she is a wise and loving teacher. On calls she was present and direct and spoke through my recurring blind habits of mind and body. In the first month I wasn't sure how I could continue to get through life without speaking to Susan Ashley twice a week. But she led me through the hard work of getting back on my feet and taught me how to observe myself as a teacher might and shift to be more in line with my truth. Now I daily lean into the practices I learned with Susan Ashley. Even though my life circumstances have not changed I'm no longer overcome by, or driven by, my emotions. I am deeply grateful.

Spiritual Partnership Course & Connect to Spirit

- Katy B

I took my first workshop with Sue in 2015 and I left the weekend feeling like I would never be able to look at the world the same way again. In my 16 years of yoga practice and 10+ years of teaching I have never met a more embodied teacher that Sue. In the years since that first workshop I have attended talks and weekend immersions with Sue in 3 different states across the US. When the opportunity to spend a week long immersion with her for the Sister Body Retreat presented itself I knew it was exactly what I needed. 

            Sue creates space for deep contemplation and uncompromising self-realization in a way that is completely non egoic. Sue truly lives the way that she teaches and holds each of her students accountable in the same uncompromising way that she holds herself accountable to our deepest inner truth. 

Year Long Contemplative & Sister Body Retreat 

- Ella

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Taking time to step back from it all and evaluate ourselves at a macro and micro level, has been instrumental in my life. This happens in our yoga studies and other self-disciplines, however, what is sometimes lacking is the guiding hand of a teacher. We can get lost in our own thoughts and preconceived notions. The experience of connect-to-spirit has changed so much of what I perceived as reality.


Sue’s own personal life and practice is an example of her teaching and guidance.  She is determined, patient, honest and holds you to  your own self-responsibility.  Her eloquent speech and grounded intuition are beyond that of any teacher I’ve encountered. She is truly gifted and shares her gifts freely and without reserve. 90-days can seem like a long time but the time goes by so quickly and it is truly necessary for the real work to start to sink in. My experience has allowed me freedom of unconscious behaviors as well as provided the foundation of creating a life I love to live.


My favorite parts of this experience include the customized practices, meditations and self-care routines.  Counter intuitive to the idea of adding more things to your day, these have actually created more space in my life. The reason being is my focus has shifted from the “numbing mode” to more acute and meaningful behaviors/actions. I would not change a moment of the experience, unless it was to have it years earlier. I am grateful to Sue and all the causes and conditions that allowed me to take this time, realign and awaken to the potential of my own teacher.

Connect to Spirit & Recalibrate 

- Kate

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Postpartum/post lactation hormone balance has taken me several years to work through. PMS and PMDD has been out of control ever since I had my kids (starting 8 years ago). I started my period at 15. I am now 38 and this is the first time in my life that I'm not on birth control, not pregnant or nursing.

         I am also no longer on an anti-depressants for of my PMS. On my cycle, just as me! My daily sadhana, eating more consciously, and Live Lightly Supplements have me finally feeling like I can ride the swings and my moods and shifts are more manageable. I increase the supplement dose the week before my period. Thank you Sue & Dan

Year Long Contemplative | Connect to Spirit & Sister Body Retreat 

- Jessica B

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