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Sue Hunt a real estate agent, associate broker at Jones West has called New Mexico home for a decade. Being a part of the living breathing eco-system of the town of Taos is very important to Sue. Helping many find a place to call home is a passion of hers, real estate in Northern New Mexico is dynamic, unique as well as land and community centric.


The land here is very special. A certain pace and appreciation of life unfolds with relationship to land and sky in Northern New Mexico. Sue loves helping you find a unique dwelling that is a perfect fit for you and family. A home creates energetic peace and stability of investment.

Sue an intuitive people person uses her vast knowledge of astrology and business to support in making a huge life decision and transition into a new quality of life. 


A life connected to beauty and balance exists here and I would love to help you call it your own!  |   513 305 6987 

   @suehunt_    |   @rhizomagazine 

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Transitory Nature:

Breaking Binaries

for Integrated Being


& The Sister Body Oracle Deck

Sue, a heartfelt Cancer and expansive Pisces moon. Astrologer, author and contemplative teacher located in Taos is here to create a new vernacular with her Gemini mid-heaven. Sharing the process of embodying non-binary worldview. A language that speaks to the intersectionality and fluidity of being human. 


Taos, New Mexico has deeply influenced Sue’s understanding of the intersection between body and place; it is home for Sue and family. Sue's first book is available on Amazon and other bookstores, published with Numinous in 2021.

RHIZO Magazine | Creative Director 

& Astrology

Creative collaboration community of artists across the globe. A rhizomorphic mission, connecting each other in support and symbiotic energy. Sue is a co-founder and creative director of Rhizo Magazine. She is also the main host of the growing Rhizocast, which can be found on all podcast platforms.  

Sue has been reading and teaching around astrology for years. Here One on One space consists of natal chart deep dives, 3-12 month study containers around living your blueprint and a contemplative life. 

She writes daily and is actively involved with her own creative process, a large part of her own astro/etheral map. 

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