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Transitory Nature:

Breaking Binaries

for Integrated Being


& The Sister Body Oracle Deck

Sue, a heartfelt Cancer and expansive Pisces moon. Astrologer, author and contemplative teacher located in Taos is here to create a new vernacular with her Gemini mid-heaven. Sharing the process of embodying non-binary worldview. A language that speaks to the intersectionality and fluidity of being human. 


Taos, New Mexico has deeply influenced Sue’s understanding of the intersection between body and place; it is home for Sue and family. Sue's first book is available on Amazon and other bookstores, published with Numinous in 2021.

RHIZO Magazine | Creative Director 

& Astrology

Creative collaboration community of artists across the globe. A rhizomorphic mission, connecting each other in support and symbiotic energy. Sue is a co-founder and creative director of Rhizo Magazine. She is also the main host of the growing Rhizocast, which can be found on all podcast platforms.  

Sue has been reading and teaching around astrology for years. Here One on One space consists of natal chart deep dives, 3-12 month study containers around living your blueprint and a contemplative life. 

She writes daily and is actively involved with her own creative process, a large part of her own astro/etheral map. 



Work 1:1 with Sue

The depth of this practice/mentorship is a multi-dimensional portal. Expanding the body/mind’s visceral understanding of mindfulness, and spiritual expansion. It is deeply transformative to work 1:1 in the space of vulnerability, honesty and non-judgement. We will explore your natal chart and reorganize limiting patterning from the physical to the emotional/mental and spiritual. The strategic design of this program encourages integration and alignment from within.

E- RYT 500


Sue is an educator of advanced yoga/meditation teachers and teaches eastern philosophy, yogic practice, embodying divine union and meditation in teacher trainings, national workshops and international yoga retreats. This approach to consciousness raising techniques is rigorous, cross-cultural and across lines of lineage. Many students participate in the year long as a life study. Sue is also an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist.




Sue, With fluidity you created a sacred space for me to safely and deeply explore my inner most sufferings. The guidance and nurturing you provided with  retrospect helped me get closer to my truth. You are wise and powerful yet soft and tactful. You will forever be my dearest teacher. 





I have found a lifetime teacher in Sue. I have gleaned a lifetime of practices and teachings to continue working with. I do hope that life will bring many more opportunities to practice with Susan Ashley, she is a wise and loving teacher.




In my 16 years of yoga practice and 10+ years of teaching I have never met a more embodied teacher that Sue. Sue creates space for deep contemplation and uncompromising self-realization in a way that is completely non egoic. Sue truly lives the way that she teaches and holds each of her students accountable in the same uncompromising way that she holds herself accountable to our deepest inner truth.

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