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Welcome to the RHIZOCAST with Sue Hunt Founded and Supported by RHIZO MAGAZINE find us at or 4 Zines a Year In Creative Collaborative Community across the globe Annual Rhizo Volumes published on the Solstice and Equinox The RHIZOCAST is an extension of all topics RHIZO An aggregate of interconnection and reciprocal support, a collaborative community uplifting ART & the gift of human expression. Covering social and environmental issues, collective consciousness topics, artistic expression. A Podcast for Breaking Binaries, honesty and transparency.

Red Mountain

The Live Lightly Podcast

with Sue + Dan 

Awareness to Integration to Elevation

Sue + Dan open intimate and complex spaces together.
Discussing INTEGRATION from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Open. Honest. Expansive conversations. Constructive language
Solution oriented action

Everything from consciousness design, to bio-hacking, to socio-political deep dives. Creative works and building a new paradigm in relationship through daily choices


The Extractive Illusion of "Growth": Personal
De-growth Strategies

CREATIVE CYCLES, DEATH CYCLES, DEGROWTH PERIODS all of which are profoundly important periods of our evolution as spiritual and social beings. Chapter 4 & 5 break the Lack/Abundance Binary and the Hustle/Flow Binary, Sue goes into detail on how to work with degrowth periods in your life, relationships, businesses and creative projects. Developing a "social metabolism" through the way we construct "perceived value", share resources and stop the hoarding of "stuff" and resources. Sue gives practical physical and emotional points of inquiry around the nature of extractive capitalism and the spiritual practices to see this clearly within self and the collective.


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Personal and Partnership Journey

Dan and Sue get super intimate in this episode and share details about when and how they first began using psychedelics. Along with spiritual practice together and apart, they discuss the personally profound integration moments post macro dose. They tread into many emerging spaces around the psychedelic renaissance, the increased popularity of micro dosing and a bit about a workshop they taught in Denver, CO when the city decriminalized psilocybin in 2019. Natural vs synthesized psychedelics is a big topic of conversation in this episode, personal shares and the future of psychedelic use in underground circles and potentially in our current mental health paradigm. Finally, the importance of mediation along with psychedelic use for long term life changing integration.


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Question & Answer on Conscious Partnership

Relationship as a realm for spiritual growth! How to develop a contemplative container in the frequency of your partnership. Dan and Sue sit down for a Question & Answer session together, answering your questions on Conscious Partnership. They answer from a very personal place, and from Sue's 1:1 work with many different souls on the path of contemplative living.

Dan & Sue plan to do several of these Q & A sessions feel free to email us your questions for another round table on Conscious Partnership and contemplative living


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Breaking Binaries:
Transitory Nature

With TRANSITORY NATURE, radical Buddhist and spiritual guide Sue Hunt walks readers through a nine-month Consciousness Design Process to dismantle Binary Worldview and challenge existing hierarchies of power. From our interactions with our inner selves, to how we interface with both the public sphere and our own intergenerational inheritance and cultural programming, Hunt shows how liberation lies in stepping into the contemplative vision of self and surrounding reality which she terms “non-binary worldview.”Binary Worldview—the thinking that everything we encounter is either “this” or “that”—is the root cause of so much suffering, oppression, and inner and outer conflict in our world. Often, the polarization we see in the wider social structure is a projection of the same binaried schisms that live within each of us. Now, combining elements of Buddhist and yogic philosophy with a step-by-step constructive method, Hunt invites us to fully

embody the both/and mentality that is the foundation of a more ethical life. In this ultra-progressive moment, we are all being tasked with finding new ways of being and living together. This is evident in changes to how we communicate, in our relationships, and in shifting ideas about community wellness. In tandem with the rising chorus of voices challenging the status quo, and with rigorous attention and loving care, TRANSITORY NATURE offers up a new non-binary vernacular to describe where we are headed—as conscious individuals who are walking this path together.


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