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+ Microbiome Balance 
+ Hormone Health
+ Neurotransmitter Support
+ Highest quality nutrients 
+ Affordable price
+ Designed for common nutrient deficiencies

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Organic.     Made in the USA.      GMO Free.       Plant-Based.       Soy Free.


Tonya's Supp Story

I started with the “Gut Kit” two years ago, when I was struggling with my eczema and had tried everything the doctors prescribed. I finally realized that my gut was the true source or trigger and decided to look into supplements. Susan Ashley Hunt and her husband had just began to offer their brand. It was a no brainer and that’s when I began to heal from the inside out.
Not only have I had no issues with my eczema, except when I run out and procrastinate on ordering more ha ha ha ... seriously my skin is healthier than ever and my body feels balanced. I’m healthy & happy and with these times it everything. Truly!

Jess's Supp Story

Postpartum/post lactation hormone balance has taken me several years to work through. PMS and PMDD has been out of control ever since I had my kids (starting 8 years ago). I started my period at 15. I am now 38 and this is the first time in my life that I'm not on birth control, not pregnant or nursing.

         I am also no longer on an anti-depressants for of my PMS. On my cycle, just as me! My daily sadhana, eating more consciously, and Live Lightly Supplements have me finally feeling like I can ride the swings and my moods and shifts are more manageable. I increase the supplement dose the week before my period. Thank you Sue & Dan

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