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Truth & Intimacy - Writing Series

Truth & Intimacy - Writing Series


Meet Tuesday evenings 6:30pm EST virtually

May 2, 9, 16, 23 - gatherings and writing prompts all month

4 live gatherings/sharings (discussion, sharing and Q & A) 


2 prompts a week all delivered in downloadable PDF to enhance your voice, vision and clear message. We will hone your unique POV (Point of View) and allows truth and intimacy to flow through your words to the reader. Prompts and creativity practices will all be delivered to your inbox the first week of May.


Come prepared to workshop, receive feedback and read your work as well as sharing your creative journey. Sue is an open book here in workshop events about writing process, book process, creative direction and personal focus. 


Expect workable writing prompts, writing growth practices, personal deep dives, suggested word counts/deadlines and over all themes centered around using your words to create connection, truth and intimacy. 


As a bonus you will receive 40% off the Elevated Capacity course to keep this self-study, reflection and writing journey alive in your life.


Join this community to hold each other accountable to make time go expressive yourself and learn to edit and share your own work.  


***only 10 in the series so we have authentic time to read and receive feedback

*** I needed this space too for my second book, community and writing on a deadlines is very helpful for your over all process and creative output.

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