Live Lightly Mug

Live Lightly Mug


Handmade in Taos, New Mexico | Inspiried by the SouthWest Landscape & Earth

Live Lightly Mountain Stamp Featured on Bottom of Mug


By Wannamaker Pottery 


"The majority of my work is influenced by where I live. The high mountain desert of New Mexico inspires my color palette, forms and structure of my vessels. I am constantly trying to incorporate natural, earth materials.


Instead of glazing my work, I introduce or fire with wood, salt and soda to mark the work in a more natural aesthetic. I believe less is more and, I am constantly trying to showcase the inherent beauty in the object.... based upon its composition, weight and balance. The majority of my kilns are located around my home in Taos but, I fire in a variety of wood kilns around the United States."