1:1 Session & Transitory Nature Paperback

1:1 Session & Transitory Nature Paperback


Transitory Nature: Breaking BInaries for Integrated Being shipped to your door and a 1:1 natal chart reading bundle with Sue! 


1 hour 1:1 session with Sue

  • Natal chart – insight and reading
  • Subconscious Uncovering
  • Intuitive Blocks and Clearing
  • MetaDialogue Dissection and Transmutation
  • Sadhana & Personal Meditations
  • Guidance for Teachers/Space Holders
  • Creative Growth Personal & Professional
  • Book topics and inner exploration 


+++Call recording, and follow-up email with protocols will follow.

+++ In check out click spirit call - no shipping option (shipping for the book is included in total cost)


** once order is placed expect and email with link to schedule call time


*Due to the specialized nature of this session refunds can not be issued. You can always reschedule with minimum 48 hours notice.