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I am so excited to share with you, that I am publishing my first book!

Transitory Nature: Breaking Binaries for Integrated Being

A few lines from Transitory Nature's Introduction:

“In the process of breaking your binaries and uncovering your own true nature, you will cultivate the emotional and psychic sensitivity to meet an- other being in the eye of their own storm, without becoming swept up in drama or losing the dynamic recognition of your own ego-structure (the term I use to indicate the profound depth of the ego’s “scaffolding,” and how our thoughts, choices, and perceptions don’t just stem from a single place). You will sharpen your intuitive communication with self and others, and deepen your ability to understand the multi-faceted fractal nature of human experience, free of labels and judgment. Non-Binary Worldview allows each one of us to intimately know the many layers of our identity, creating a clean, energetic pathway to live creatively and purposefully.”

This is a 9-month consciousness design process that dismantles binary worldview with your lived experience and self-identity construction.

“So why are we so attached to the Binary Worldview?

Beneath our attempts to use this worldview to “make sense” of an innately numinous Universe, lies a potent, seductive force:

The Illusion of Choice

From spiritual and religious leaders to neuroscientists, we often hear that happiness, thriving, moving out of victimhood, and success are mental states that we can and must choose. When in actuality they are often the by-product of doing the hard contemplative and embodied work of breaking out of Binary Worldview. If we strip away the many hierarchically violent, oppressive, misinterpreted, unconsciously accepted definitions of personal identity and mainstream archetypes, personal happiness, freedom, and fulfillment are inevitable! Yet, when we believe this is about making the “right choice”—defined as the choice that will lead to greater happiness, satisfaction, or pleasure—we are only seeing a small sliver of the full picture of what’s actually available to us.

The illusion of choice exists in an either/or binary that actually strips us of our full personal agency.”

When we currently hear the word “non-binary” we often limit it to gender. There is one full chapter dedicated to the subliminal software downloads of gender stereotypes and intergenerational programming around the gender binary. There are also eight other chapters where we explore other key binaries that we build our ego-structure upon. Masculine/Feminine is one of them, and just to name a few we will explore Lack/Abundance and Hustle/Flow. For now, I will keep the rest under wraps.

The book begins to pre-order on March 23rd and publishes on April 13th! I am publishing with the world-renowned platform The Numinous! And, yes except for some astrology intel about your Natal Chart in one of the Breaking the Binary sections.

Let’s explore some current astrological movements that have the power to affect your internal dialogue and perception of your surrounding reality

Live Lightly Astro Movements March 9, 10, 11, and beyond...

Sun in Pisces — the all-seeing, all-compassionate vibration of connected intuition and pure generosity. These are the expanded and fruitful aspects of Pisces, and we are in that season!

We also have Neptune in Pisces for these 3 days and the foreseeable future until June 25th, 2021. The intense twist of Neptune in Pisces creates one that lacks boundaries and often hides negative and destructive emotions in poor self-care choices. And taking it even further in self-sabotaging choices when we gave away too much of our precious energy to places that use it and abuse it. These are the egoic trap doors of Neptune in Pisces. If we “give” with what looks like generosity on the surface, but then actually hold onto regret, or lack mentality deep within it becomes draining and detrimental to our own equilibrium.

With these Pisces aspects, it's so helpful to watch the tendency of Over Giving that actually creates lack within your own system. Pisces compassion and generosity thrive if we can contain the water element within us, and give it structure through physical, emotional, and energetic boundaries.

Lastly, Venus is in Pisces from Feb 25-March 21, keep a close mindful watch on the healthy aspects of your intimate relationships. Now is the time to communicate your needs with compassion and clarity. Keep in mind the up and downsides of Pisces energy so you don't self-sabotage along the way. Pisces in Venus gives us the capacity to forgive, love, and deeply respect our own needs and the needs of those in your innermost private sphere.

As I say to many of my students, here if you need me. Reach out if you feel called and I will certainly respond. Keep your eye out for my book hitting shelves soon, you will be able to purchase it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indie Bound. As well as on my website with special preorder gifts and a free Live Lightly Probiotic ships with the first 100 books from my site,

Much Love, Sue Hunt


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