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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini TOMORROW!

Occurring alongside the North Node in Gemini

The power of the mutable signs: YOU FEEL EVERYTHING and ADAPT! The curse of the mutable signs YOU FEEL EVERYTHING and SINK WITHIN IT.

Solar Eclipse intensifies the planetary energy 10-fold!

Sun Gemini. Moon Gemini. Mercury Gemini Rx. Venus Cancer. Mars Cancer. Jupiter Pisces

When we have access to universal intel beyond rational consciousness it can feel very destabilizing to the body/mind. If we have trauma responses built into the fabric of our central nervous system, now is the time to TAKE IT EASY, increase the feeling of physical safety and use this window to reprogram with ease and grace. Keep in mind each of these big powerful planetary movements interface with your own chart and effect you VERY PERSONALLY.

Seeing as this eclipse is magnifying mutable and retrograde energy, we need self-awareness and self-mastery in energetic protection, energetic sovereignty, and clean relationship prana lines personally and professionally to find clarity in this New Moon Solar Eclipse Energy.

It is far more “spiritual” to be honest with ourselves and realize where we must dedicate attention to develop more self-mastery, as opposed to bypassing our own blind spots. And running with the commercial spiritual narrative about how “new moons are for new beginnings”, dig deep and so much more uncovering is possible amidst that feeling of instability if you are in it.

If you are honestly feeling self-mastery in energetic protection, now is the time to ELEVATE all things communication, metabolism, assimilation, creative collaboration with personal and impersonal forces. Keep the oppressive self-narrative in check and move into YOUR KARMIC PATH and DHARMIC SERVICE. Chapter 8 in my book, breaking the Self-will/Destiny binary work is VERY POTENT right now!

Honestly, there isn’t much earth in the chart for this eclipse, so the waters and the winds might get choppy!!! You might have this feeling of depression, holding on for dear life, holding other’s negative energy, not being able to bootstrap your own mood out of the gutter and so on…

HONOR THAT DEEPLY! We need more emotional literacy in the structure of our social spaces, and it begins with how we allow the full spectrum of feeling to exist within us! If your “tools” aren’t working, know that you are BEING WOKRED ON by forces that are out of the realm of self-will. This is a big transit, asking us to highlight the lower vibrating aspects of Gemini and where they creep into our meaning making of the world.

Stepping out of binary worldview and into the realm of the divine triple energy YOU/ME WE, BOTH/AND, US. Gemini is the divine triplet making space for an entirely NEW CONSCIOUSNESS STRUCTURE – non-binary worldview.

You might feel extreme polarities in this eclipse window, remember those polarities are not be all end all, they are messengers showing you an


Love to you

Here if you need me!

Sit with you soon in Mercurian Meta (Gemini Virgo Mastery)




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