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Medium and extended article here:

Do you have any particular thoughts about how being “in nature” can help us to cultivate spiritual wellness?

"Absolutely, I definitely see a connection between the growth of extractive capitalism, our lack of appreciation of nature and our modern culture’s existential spiritual crisis. Many of us are so removed from our ancestral roots, and the appreciation of culture that came before us. We often don’t possess the sensitivity to understand how the surrounding ecosystem affects our inner ecosystem.

I really began exploring place identity after I was nomadic, living in a school bus and a van for almost four years with my partner. We had the privilege to live, visit and exist within so many ecosystems, climates and learn to appreciate the unique energy of place. It’s been 7 years since we left the city life behind. Before we lived in Taos, NM. We lived in an even more remote town, deep in the woods of Kentucky.

I am finding my heart and mind is way more connected to land, and the vibration of PLACE. With less stimulus, my central nervous system is way more relaxed and sensitive. My astro-signature is ALL water, then fire, and some wind in key communication placements. Hence the passion for words and creating worlds with words. Only have two earth placements, one that governs my work ethic, steady and intense. Another that governs, my dream state. The dream moves into manifest form within waking life reality connected to presence and relevance.I have always had a love affair with earth.

Never wanting to be inside as a kid, always playing with the plants, building forts, and hours of make believe in the woods of Appalachia. I feel the relationship over the last several years shifting into a deeper state of connection. I am truly affected by the vibration of a PLACE. My psyche recognizes the inherent value and symbiosis of identifying with place. Place identity evokes respect and devotion deepening our connection to nature and expanding our scope of Spiritual Wellness.#authoritymagazine@medium



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