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It Takes a Village - THANK YOU!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

It Takes A Village Here I go, entering the official Launch Week of my first book! Transitory Nature: Breaking Binaries for Integrated Being This work has been percolating within me for the last 7 to 8 years. Each chapter begins with an anecdote so the reader can feel, see and relate to how binaried worldview causes individuals, groups and communities a great deal of suffering. The following section of each chapter is a debunking 3 cultural myths we often believe that keep these limiting consciousness structures in place. These anecdotal sections are rooted in the true stories from my teaching over the last 15 years. I know so many of us will see ourselves reflected back in these anthropomorphized vignettes. Before I reveal the cover tomorrow, quotes from my teachers and colleagues that have already read the book and the details on the back cover… I wanted to take a moment of honor for all of those involved in this 24-month process. Thank you for your support, your vision and most of all your heart felt execution to support Transitory Nature coming to life! Paramatma Siri Sadhana. My teacher in June of 2018 said to me in session “You have 5+ books in there! It’s your purpose. Now start writing them!” So I did! Richard Rosen. 6 books of his own, and without hesitation gave me feedback on my writing and shared his wisdom with me for the last 10 years. Richard’s quote about the book made the back cover and I couldn’t be more happy about that! Carrie Porter. My longest standing friend from age 11. She is a journalist and amazing writer. Carrie edited all of my initial book proposals when I began this process and started chasing the dream of writing my first book. She was so clear and compassionate with me along the way. Unnamed Editors & Agents. Some were on my side and helped steer me in a phenomenal direction offering comments and feedback. Other’s didn’t believe in me and dished out heavy handed criticism. I am grateful for the hard knocks; it gave me perspective I would have otherwise never gained. Ruby & Bess. The editors that took a chance on me. Helped me take massive ideas and get them onto the page! Supported my creative process with such love and openness. Thank you for up leveling my work, and my understanding of creative collaboration!

Talia Migliaccio. Talia designed the covers and painted the ink mandalas that accompany each chapter cover page. She trusted me and was down to ride for the long grueling timeline of creation. She is an incredible visionary in all things mixed media art. She knew exactly where the work was headed and translated a non-binary visual symbology alongside my words. Becky Jane Krotts. Becky a long-time student of mine, and amazing sketch artist, painter and visionary with organic mediums. What a joy to collaborate with Becky. Not one edit, every image came back to perfection. Her work is featured in the final section of all 9 chapters! Nicholas Graham. Nick, I cried when I saw the first edit of the moving image. You seamlessly took Talia’s work and integrated it into a binary collapsing masterpiece! I can’t wait to have your support on the next book. Thank you for such respect and detail in the creation process. Diggy Lloyd. Always along for the entire ride of intense ups and downs. Diggy has stepped into a league of her own when it comes to web altars and codifying design and branding with the essence of the creator. She also shot so many amazing images of me, Transitory Nature, and Sister Body Deck over the last 18 months! Grateful for how mature and fluid our sisterhood has become. Last but not least, my dude DAN. Dan has read this book 50+ times already. The hours of listening to me read out loud. The hours of walking Nihla and only talking about my writing process. The hours of watching me edit and working on the other side of the table with headphones on. The trust to invest in this idea with me many of our personal and shared resources. The pep talks, holding space for my tears and always making sure I was eating. Sliding the plate of rice and veggies across the table because you noticed I hadn’t gotten up to pee, let alone eaten anything in 6+ hours. You are my everything. Thank you. It takes a village to create timeless work that will reach many. Thank you from the deepest levels of my being for the indispensable role you played in giving Transitory Nature a life! REVEALING COVER TOMORROW across all platforms and PRE-ORDER BEGINS THIS FRIDAY MARCH 26th! Love Sue


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