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The full exaltation of TRANSFORMATION and this Mars in Cancer will help with a full emotional literacy upgrade.

Don’t be afraid to feel the BIG feelings and allow your body/mind to express those big feelings.

Nature, Art, Creativity, Writing, Asana, Dance, Mild Movement will support this full moon window, it certainly has many fluid and opposing aspects.

Mega Scorpio full moon, the window of three days before three days after. Mars also moved into cancer last week, taurus stellium still present Venus Uranus Mercury and Sun. Stay focused and openhearted with issues at home, and in immediate bloodline karma.

And a grand trine today between two wind signs and mars in cancer, cancer being a water sign! The Grand Trine is asking you to be more playful, intellectual and allow your creativity to be solution oriented, not projecting “worry” into the future, but instead a creative divine solution.

A water sign in the Fiery Mars Placement. Obviously, Fire & Water on the surface seem to not play so well together but allow the softness of Cancer to checkmate any disproportionate frustration, misaligned hustle, high expectations, or anger circulating in your meta-dialogue.

This might feel like a different inner current than you are used too, there is NO PUSH HERE! Cancer is soft, open, loving, giving, and intuitive. Tap into those means to reorganize the misaligned hustle. Physically you might be feeling more tired than normal, and please listen to the sweet nurturing voice of Cancer.

A totally different energy pattern then a Trine, a multiple planet Square, also occurring in this full moon window. Oppositions between the elements of earth and wind, it's ok to feel “ungrounded” and exhausted, ride it out with grace, there is intel in our inner states ALWAYS.

Check where your Mars Placement is, to get a sense for its compatibility and learnings from Cancer.

Scorpio Energy is strong, be on the lookout for manipulative patterns within and within those around you. CRYSTAL CLEAR communication can squash that frequency, right away! Protect your time, so you can rest if needed.

When I think of Scorpio and Cancer I think of The Sister Body Deck Cards

Mata Sakti & Ajna.

Pictured above:

A few sentences From Mata Sakti Card in GuideBook:

“You are the uncontrollable waves at sea. You are the mother bird circling its prey. You are the mystery of the milky way. You are the black hole where things go to die. You are fertile earth that supports budding life. You are the Mata Sakti the energy the creates, sustains and destroys….I am an altered state of consciousness where subject and object collapse into one another!”



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