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Personal Check-in and Integration:

I have been practicing “reading deprivation”

I did this basically for the entire last year of writing Transitory Nature, and as I decided to leave social media, I brought the practice back! Perfect timing also including “content deprivation” in the same practice.

Just as Julia Cameron suggests, my dreams have been more vivid, I have had so much more to say in my own writing and my inner stability is much more present. I have had more time for my own artist dates and started wrapping my own canvases and getting ready to begin my painting journey!

I also have been opening myself to accepting gifts and free flowing messages from the world around me and the people around me. I developed a new relationship with several teachers in the last 3 months that are so reciprocal and supportive.

Honestly, it blew my mind when one of them said “we are more colleagues, and I see you as an equal, it’s my joy to support you.” In a cutthroat, health/wellness/yoga/business/self-branding world this is the first time I HAVE EVER HEARD THIS, said back to me!

I replied with,

“Wow, I don’t know how to respond no one has ever said that to me so clearly and openly, that on paper technically looks like a superior to me. THANK YOU doesn’t even seem like enough.”

There is something so beautiful to following your own creative energy, being in devotion to it and developing a life that HONORS IT!

My bee colony and hive is growing, and soon to expand it for honey collection. Spent a large portion of the day yesterday finishing the windows of the geo-dome. This has been such an epic project for Dan and I, can’t even express the amount of work it has been. A long game project for sure, that requires so much steadfastness and problem solving. We are ALMOST DONE, which is getting me so excited.

RHIZO is receiving its Fall Equinox Submissions and the Summer Solstice issue is being printed! I will get to hold it next week and prepare it for shipping all over the globe!

This project is blowing my mind and really taking on a life of its own with so many of you sharing your original work with us for publishing. Its longer form writing, content, images, painting, poetry, photography, art, and astrology.

This first issue is a beautiful way to open its presence in the world. I particularly like the artist statements and every contributor is credited in the first several pages with bios and links to find their work!

We would love to share and publish your work in RHIZO MAGAZINE

Looking forward to new astrology and Connect Sessions in Early July, I am usually booked 6 weeks out so please grab those open spots now if you want to sit together.

I AM FINALLY BRAINSTORMING a TRANSITORY NATURE: BREAKING BINARIES COURSE!!!!! With a healthy push from someone a respect, we are going to do it! A community and guided framework around my first book! Look for those details late summer. I will be hard at work creating it.



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