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BloodLine Karma

I will have enough time today between meetings to ski!!! However, I will be riding solo and will be missing these two! Dan & Dad @j.turner.hunt /// exciting news though my parents are moving to my town! About 10 minutes away. My sister literally lives 3 houses down on my street. Dan and I moved here 4+ years ago and then the whole family followed! Perfect situation I get to be the cool Auntie Sue Sue. Take Daze skiing, climbing, biking, camping... as a cancer family and the strength of my family relationships have always been so important to me. Of course we have had our rocky moments together over the years. 6 years ago or so we all lived in totally different places, me in the woods in a bus, my sister in NYC, my Dad in VA and my mom was deciding between New Mexico or Montana after leaving Ohio. Magic happened and slowly we all started migrating to NM, and doing the hard work of being open and strengthening relationships. I actually re-married my parents in a small private ceremony a few years back. And my little sister and her family made the huge leap to leave NYC 2 years ago after they had been there for 15 years and built careers there! Working with bloodline karma, boundaries, respect and deep love for one another is a transformative path. #karma#bloodlinekarma /// There is a huge section in my book on BloodLine Karma and the 3 types of Karma! It’s a massive breakdown and build up and exploring your Natal Chart in relationship to Karma is an epic/life changing section that follows. There is no picture perfect intimate relationship, there were months and even years we all went without even talking or texting as we each worked though our own misperceptions. Working with the many layers of intergenerational inheritance is deep, intense, enlightening work. It can be painful and full of resurrecting and integrating trauma. It can also contain the doorway to freedom, and deep perspective shifts around self identity. Truthfully a great deal of this work can be done without having a physical relationship with your bloodline karma. More deep dives to come!!!! #transformation


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