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Answering Your Questions: About My Book!

Q & A About My book’s Creation Process:

Direct from IG stories:

What was the most challenging part of your book writing journey?

Truthfully the writing, editing and working with my editors was so fluid, regenerating and incredibly fruitful. Working with the four artists that contributed to the work was also sustainable, fluid and filled with insight. With that being said, I vetted so many creators, people, publishing houses and other teams that could help me bring this book into the public, published space.

When I say “vet” I mean I needed a certain energy behind the work, and I was clear on how that energy felt in my body/mind. I also worked to embody the frequency of the type of creative relationships I wanted to support the publishing of this work. A knowing I had deep down, to enjoy the process of creation! Quite frankly more than I did the actual “Launch” and “Completion” of the book. This meant everyone I collaborated with on this project needed to be willing to step into that respectful, loving, fluid creative relationship with me.

That being said the most challenging part had nothing to do with the creation process itself. It had everything to do with setting the energetic stage to create fluidity in the process itself. Saying NO, closing doors, leaving other work behind, leaving parts of myself and my own insecurities behind to step into this fluid creation. That was the deep inner challenging work.

How the heck does one go about getting work published? Any insight on the process?

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, for real about three years ago I was pulling my eyebrows out at times trying to figure all of this put. I have a mentor, and his quote will be featured on the back cover of my book!!!!! He has written and published 6 books, and has always navigated the publishing world agent-less.

We have had an incredible 11-year student/teacher relationship and he is resource for me in all thing’s eastern philosophy and publishing. He hooked me up with his editors, then they decided after 8 months of rewriting and reworking 100’s of pages to not take a chance on me. Now, that I knew the politics, and the ins-outs of this highly commercial space; where truthfully many pseudo-celebs don’t even write their own books, others do behind the scenes.

I realized as a first-time author, young, wanting to actually write my own book and agent-less…I had to become the biggest, loudest, most intense advocate for my own work and prove to publishers that I was worth it, and this risk on me was worth it! I had 8–10-month conversations and rewrites with acquisition editors at several houses. This time and experience was priceless. This gave me great skill to professionally preform in the space.

From there and almost 18 months of rewrites and playing this game of cat and mouse. I realized as a creative I wanted all rights to my works, written and visual. I didn’t want to fit into a “sales skew” and I started looking for pub houses that would honor my needs as a creative. The moment I switched my gaze is the moment I found this team of editors and publicists that wanted to take a chance on me and my work!

How did you narrow down book focus and what you wanted to write on?

This was a funny process for me.

What my mind think it knew, it had to be willing to be flexible with.

Writing a 300 pages manuscript of course takes this type of flowing creativity. But it also required intense scrutiny, making big cuts, and really listening to the work and how it wanted to express itself. I am deeply passionate about actualizing non-binary worldview in many body/minds. That came from the last 15 years of my life studying non-dualism, the roots beyond the types of “yoga” we see in the west and now influencing the entire globe.

A critical gaze, always willing to honestly critique the structural social, political, environmental and existential issues of our time is a huge driving force behind why I create. I create to change people’s minds, and the way they feel about themselves, subsequently then how they treat others!!!!!!!

With that loud and clear and the at the center of my effort, all action originated from there! I picked a team of editors that I knew had a different skill set than me, so it would push me in ways I didn’t have access to my own blind spots.

How did you fit in writing a book with everything you already do?

What a juggling act this was. I gave up 2-3 full days a week to complete this work.

I had to make strong agreements with myself, and then with my partner. Seeing as we run all three of our businesses together. I would be absent from about 30% of the work load I had previously been a part of during the day to days. I often caught up in the evening on the other 2 businesses and my workload. I asked for help everyday throughout this process. Help with simple things that would take my internal pressure off of myself.

Funny story, but I am generally a pretty clean person. I have that Virgo in me so everything in its right place at the right time. Very utilitarian when I need to be. I was sitting in my front of the screen the other day, like I have done for 1000’s of hours this past year. With books, papers, old plates, old coffee cups, old tea mugs surrounding me in my nest.

My partner walks up to me and I can feel the frustration. In a loving way he says to me “You have been a real slob lately, and I am tired of cleaning up.”

I looked at him and said with a bit of a chuckle,

“You right, I am sorry. Honestly, I am even annoying myself with my messiness.”

He laughed saying, “thanks for admitting it.”

…needless to say, I have been doing my share of laundry and dishes ever since he lovingly brought his frustration to the surface. With that light hearted example I am suggesting if you need the time and space to create something of your own:

  1. Make that clear, ask for the time you need.

  2. Stick to that, other’s see your commitment and honor that

  3. Be honest when your needs infringe on other’s needs, take a moment to reevaluate

  4. Keep your heart focused and open all at the same time

  5. Be willing to stretch yourself its in the liminal space that we GROW!


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