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Walking the Truth & Away from the marketing hustle.

I posted this morning about "it is not about being pretty it's about being gritty & real".

I have been asking myself about the TRUE path of Live Lightly!! Are we contributing to a massive collective change? Are the offerings of Live Lightly asking us to step into more responsibility and take ownership of our own pain? Is there any possible way we are contributing to spiritual by-passing with the structures of Live Lightly? If so, how so I change that?

I have decided, there are ways we can change the structure of Live Lightly offerings this year to bring about more authentic transformation to the Live Lightly community and the collective at large.

#1) Working with couples, so less spiritual by-passing happens, and we have a built in system to hold us accountable.

#2) Stepping away from "teacher trainings" and into "life-study" programs. So there is less of a "hustle" to monetize right out of the gate and more of a purity in how and why we engage in spiritual practice.

#3) WRITE more and post less SELFIES! I know we like to personify success, beauty, the divine as human. But this need to personify has become toxic and so unhealthy. The imagination behaves with purity when it is boundless, when it tries to mimic we have already stolen our own true nature from ourselves.

#4) Move Live Lightly practices, creations, and virtual courses into a membership model. So the community stays, potent and engaged.

This Capricorn stellium to begin 2020 lit a huge fire under my ass, YOU HAVE MORE SPACE to be REAL! Take that space, don't apologize, accept the consequences and share more in alignment with reality.

Sat Nam


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