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The "Why" behind our Live Lightly Supplements

The vitamin and supplement world can be extremely overwhelming. It can be very difficult to wade through the sea information and discern the right regiment without wasting a lot of time and money in the process.

Live Lightly supplements are the culmination of a decade and a half of research and experience. As a collegiate, then professional, baseball player I was deeply invested in performance optimization through diet and supplementation. Post professional athletic career I continued this exploration as a passion, seeing not only the performance optimization qualities of supplements, but their power to heal.

I worked side by side with my wife to create an American Made, Non GMO supplement line of the highest quality. In this line we utilized the accumulated knowledge to provide potent, effective and affordable supplements that people can trust.

We are happy to offer Live Lightly Supplement kits. These curated kits take the guess work out of shopping for supplements, providing you with a focused, highly effective supplement regiment.

Our foundations Gut Health kit is designed to clean out bad bacteria and pathogens, reestablish good gut flora, and provide you with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to live a happy healthy life.

Our Energy Kit is designed to supplement the body with natural superfoods, minerals and commonly deficient vitamins to energize you down to the cellular level.

Live Lightly is a husband/wife company dedicated to spreading knowledge and facilitating self- growth through consciousness raising activities. Conscious consumption is a large aspect of our platform, where we feel quality supplementation is an integral component.

By supporting Live Lightly, you’re not only supporting a small business, you’re receiving highly researched and tested products you can trust.


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