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Body As Earth: The Sister Body Way

sister body durga yantra

We must enter an agreement with one another as woman to honor our souls and hold deep respect for our bodies.

Read aloud:

“I trust and love myself. I will let my innate gifts shine. From this brilliance, I will bring light into the darkness. I will illuminate situations of ignorance. I will illuminate situations of oppression and objectification with fierce compassion. I sustain truth. I will adhere to the beat of my own heart. We will be felt within the womb of all women.”

Shifting your own relationship to our earth, our bodies, takes patience, diligence and self-love. Daily changes, will create a cleansing for the mind and a sacred ritual for the body. This daily meditative practice will initiate a subtle process of becoming. Stepping into the totality of your own self-love and deep acceptance.

We cannot initiate change from a place of lack or violence. We will rewrite cultural ethos from within our hearts and uplift women engaging in the internal work of self-love. We will shift perspective by creating a self-love that is so courageous. This ease and grace will allow us to love with more fullness and realness.

These shifts will not always be easy or accepted by our current relationship paradigms. There will be times that your FUTURE FEM feels weak, small and belittled. This community is here to create a network of vibrant woman that are ready to do this TOGETHER, to see each other through moments of fear, doubt and loneliness. The Sister Body community is a reminder to reconnect to the methods of reflection, expression and meditation. To actualize the Sister Body way we must be our own lovers, best friends and sisters.

Be Gentle with yourself through this process, ask a spiritual sister to walk the journey with you.

Go Forth you loving, whole, intuitive, receptive being. SIT with YOURSELF, work through each element within yourself and actualize your FUTURE FEM.



I close my eyes

I put my hands on my own body

It is then, I can feel you

I can converse with you

I have such innate appreciation for you

And you were there, this whole time

Waiting for me

Your rivers are my veins.

Your mountains are my bones.

Your layers of foliage my fascia and skin.

Your vibration is my heartbeat.

Your expression of organized chaos

I see in my own mind.

Your awe-inspiring beauty

Dormant within my own constructs.

In action, thought and speech,

May I be moved by you

May I unlock your,

Wise sense of Balance

Fiercely Compassion Action


Penetrating Patience

Within ME.

Earth Mother,

A true blessing, we have arrived together in this time and place. With full acceptance and open arms, we cultivate our power through unity. There is an all-knowing softness in our earthly strength. She does not push or force. She listens with a wide-open awareness. We as earth mothers we seek balance within and beyond our own identity. May our fellow sisters, mothers and grandmothers walk hand in hand on this Sister Body journey with us.

Modern culture has abused our ability to nurture, separated us from our creative force and oppressed our receptive intelligence. Our subtle power as women is in our capacity to express self-love. We must abundantly give self-love to the most deserving, ourselves.

We can only share, what we truly possess.

As we learn together and cultivate self-love a revolution will occur. We will no longer resist contemporary cultural ethos with shame, fear or violence.

We will LOVE it all to DEATH.

We will change the dialogue in our own minds and bodies. To see ourselves as the mechanism that maintains and sustains compassion, patience and balance. As this agreement with self shifts into the light of earthly self-love our intentions, relationships, dreams and purpose will follow. We will feel the earth within us, we will feel her unshakable truth parallel our own. We will feel her all encompassing systems rise to meet us on the path of Self-Love.

We will no longer bend over backwards to spread ourselves so thin in the pursuit to accommodate and be accepted by all. We will no longer dime ourselves in shame, or deplete our own power with insecurity. Measure ourselves against our fellow sisters, or allow fear to cloud our right action.

We will invite the embrace of earth with each act of self-love. See grandmother earth in our own reflection. Sister Body calls upon each of us to reclaim our own divine feminine power, and too awaken by the act of self-love.

Sister Body Creativity & Meditation Retreat - October - Santa Fe New Mexico

visit for details:

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