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Your Natal Chart
Running Creativity
Authentic Voice 
Gemini & Virgo

  Opening Video & Audio Setting the Space

Mercurian Meta

Find your Full Natal chart Here

1) Take Notes on WHERE YOU FIND VIRGO and WHERE YOU FIND GEMINI in your full chart

*Bring this to All Dharma Talks

30-60 Minutes of Cross Body Action Friday - Saturday - Sunday 

"Brain scans show that meditation and running can have a somewhat similar effect on the brain; simultaneously engaging executive functions and turning down the chatter of the default mode network."

Henry David Thoreau, meanwhile, wrote “the moment my legs begin to move my thoughts begin to flow”.

"Anecdotally, literature suggests that creative people sometimes use physical activity to overcome mental blocks and a dearth of inspiration. More scientifically, several studies have implied a connection between aerobic exercise – which increases the flow of blood to the brain – and enhanced mental capacity, though the evidence remains inconclusive. Earlier this year a study by Oppezzo and Schwartz demonstrated that walking boosts “creative ideation” both in real time and shortly after, although the authors tentatively suggest that other mind-freeing activities (eg knitting) may have similar effects."

3-11 Minutes Daily

Mantra Guru Gaitri in Kundalini Lineage 

Gobinday    [Sustains You]

Mukanday   [Liberates You]

Udaaray      [Elevates You]

Apaaray     [Delivers You Across]

Hareeang    [Destroys All]

Kareeang    [Creates All]

Nirnaamay  [Beyond Category and Name]

Akaamay    [Beyond Desire]


Gyan Mudra - Jupiter Finger touches thum

Track For Kriya

Pronunciation of Mantra Word by Word

Multi-Layered Writing For Friday June 18



Optional Step Three

Sit in silence and visualize/feel the embodiment of these given states of being










Pick one or two and free write for 300-500 words.

Let it flow like stream of consciousness.

Do not self-edit. (Editing will be step 2 after the creative dump occurs)

Bring to mind personal life scenarios, moments, past events that encapsulate one or several of these states of embodiment.

Now that you have 300-500 words, read it back and clean up the following:

  1. Long sentences make them shorter and more concise, dividing them into 2 complete sentences.

  2. Check the “order” of events, do you like the order? Perhaps moving descriptive sentences around would help with the overall flow for the reader.

  3. Read it back out loud to yourself, as if you were to reader, seeing it for the first time, is the message clear to a first time reader? Make a few organizational changes so it reads clearly

  4. Lastly, pack it with TRUTH! Truth is polarizing! Now read it back and raise the “ante” meaning use stronger words and really bring the indented sensation for the reader to the surface of their embodiment.

Optional using for your business: pull 5-15 sentences out that really feel like your POV, your personal tone that ignite emotion within. Keep them in a separate document we will clean this up Sat/Sun

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