Transforming Identity with Yogic Realization

April 3rd-5th w/ Yoga on High - Virtual Weekend

A Weekend Immersion of Contemplation, Meditation,

Yoga Philosophy and Self-Identity

Yoga philosophy and Eastern thought frame a comprehensive and compassionate worldview that honors the sensitivity of the human being. They explore identity formulation and consciousness within sentient beings without perpetuating systematic violence. In this weekend with Susan Ashley Hunt, we will explore status-quo concepts of gender roles, gender identity and expanded states of divine feminine and divine masculine energy.   

Our contemplative practice has purpose and grounded intention when we create non-violent shifts in the systems we exist within. This is a weekend of deep inner work that informs an expansive worldview and gender-fluid definitions of self-identity. Each session will build on itself in intensity and intimacy. Join souls on the path of creating sustainable change in the world with their contemplative practices and who are ready to lead with equanimity and grace.  

The sādhanā(practice) periods for this weekend will include kriyas, pranayama, meditation, energetically pointed hatha sequences, writing and meta-dialogue dissection. The morning sessions will include 90-minute sādhanā sessions and a collaborative dharma talk with reflection. The afternoon sessions will include meditative kriyas, sits with a dharma talk and reflections to carry us into the work of the next sessions.  

This weekend is open to students of yoga, all levels of yoga teachers and seekers who often feel like they are swimming upstream in personal, professional or romantic relationships. Sue Ashley is an E-RYT 500.


Friday, April 3 from 6:00p to 9:00p
Saturday, April 4 from 10:00a to 5:00p
Sunday, April 5 from 9:00a to 12:00p


$287. Early bird enrollment if paid in full by March 3, 2020: $257

A $50.00 cancellation fee is included in the cost. No refunds will be given within 30 days of the workshop.

Friday, April 3 from 6:00p to 9:00p
Moving from Competition to Collaboration:

In this 3 hour sadhana circle we will prime the energetic space with meditation and mantra. Followed by a dharma talk, which is a question/answer space of collaboration between teacher and sangha. We will discuss fear-consciousness, destructive emotional states like anger, jealously, gossip and competition among women. We will address new modes of thinking that can change our daily behavior. The feminine consciousness can often be misunderstood by the status quo and our power rests in reclaiming its divine essence through action, thought and speech. When we create this shift in our mental continuum we then have access to elevated behavior as a woman and with other women in our lives. Please bring a pen & paper. No asana in this workshop, dress comfortably for seated meditation and clearing kriyas. 

Sunday, April 5 from 9:00a to 12:00p

Quantum Heart: Protection & Projection & New Behavior

In this 3-hour session we will investigate asana, meditation, mantra and kriya that clear and protect our energetic heart centers. We will touch the sensitivity of our subtle bodies. As yogis it is out our job to constantly clean limiting ways of thinking and unconscious behavior from our auric fields. It takes committed practice to realize our heart’s whisper and expel cultural narratives that do not serve our highest growth. As a group we will explore the energetic heart, all of its contractions and all of its expansions. We hear so much in our “new-age” yoga world about “heart opening”, and that can be quite simplistic and misleading. To create change in the world with our practice we need, fierce, objective highly energized intentions radiating from the center of our being. This will be our final dharma talk together, after sadhana Sue Ashley will open the floor for closing questions. This is where we get down into the nitty gritty of how we will live out realizations that have been percolating for the entire weekend. Practice will include ceremonial asana, kriya and closing rituals.

Saturday, April 4 from 10:00a to 5:00p

Saturday AM:

Elevating Our Self-Identity: Exploring the Evolution of Gender with Yogic Practice 

As a group, we will explore the negative and positive spectrum of masculinity and femininity. We have varying degrees of masculine and feminine energies within our subjective reality and subtle body as well as in objective reality, the larger context of awareness. The mission of this weekend is to create a sense of maturity around our cultural view of gender. Expanding its definition beyond genitalia and our physicality. Our culture's current reductionist view has dramatically reduced the sensitivity of human beings to know themselves and respect the expression of another. Mindful reflections and dharma teachings will allow us to investigate the universal aspects of gender and how to create a complimentary union within that changes how we behave in relationship, professional and personal. Expect 90 minutes of sadhana hatha and kriya followed by meditation and a dharma talk. Please bring a pen, paper, and self-recording device or app. Be prepared for a longer sitting period.


Saturday PM:

Getting real with Family and Cultural Karma

This session’s practice will include mantra and meditation, come prepared to share your voice and sit for longer periods of time with guided meditation and kriya. We will explore the social programing in our current lives and subtle body imprints from past generations. We will practice and outline an extended sadhana you can take with you back into daily life. Focused on changing behavior and inner frequency, dropping patterns that keep us tied to learned family and cultural ignorance.  This time together will outline how to do this deep contemplative work. The aim of this session is to set the student up with self-agency and understand how to shift meta-cognition in waking life. Please bring a pen, paper, and self-recording device or app. Be prepared for longer sitting periods.

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