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Conscious consumption

Hello Everyone,


Thank you for taking part in the Live Lightly Conscious Consumption Course.

We hope this program provided you with the knowledge and skill set to continue on your path with more clarity and objectivity, around your own consumption. Keep practicing, mediation is the bedrock to awakening!


Stay in touch with is here:

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Dharma talk recording links:

Topic: Conscious Consumption Introduction

Start Time : Sep 4, 2020 05:41 PM

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: UP&N9Aiu


Topic: Dharma Talk Live Lightly Sept. 25th

Start Time : Sep 25, 2020 05:58 PM

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: 9.k8oh8^


Topic: Conscious Consumption

Start Time : Sep 27, 2020 06:00 PM

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: Nn#gL6kn


Please remember these sessions are private for those who attended, do not share, or reproduce these sessions for sale or give away. Keep the container strong and respect for all involved. Thank you so much.

Running Low on Supplements?

Use the code: CC15

for 15% off all supplements


Gathering Dates: 

Subtle Body Sept. 25th - 6pm EST Friday Dharma 

September 27th - 6pm EST

Sunday Closing Session

** all gathering will be live stream zoom and login will be sent 30 minutes before the session to your inbox.

Consumption Calendar:

Sept. 1st - 4th

+ Kitchen Clean Out PDF 

+ Shopping List 

+ Prep Video

+ Recipes PDF

+ Familiarize w/ I.F. 

Sept. 5th - 18th

+ Cleansing Phase

+ Recipes PDF 

+ Supplement Protocol

+ Start I.F.

+ Establishing Meditation Daily

Sept. 19th - 30th

+ 2nd Recipe PDF

+ Supplement Protocol 

+ Dharma Talk 

+ Reflection/Questions/Changes 

Consumption JournaL:

Physically - Mentally - Emotionally - Spiritually

+ Note What you consume 

+ When you consume it

+ How it makes you feel


Live Lightly 30 days Live Lightly Protocols, supplement protocols and meal plans to prepare the body for digestive efficiency and mental acuity. Set up your own kitchen/home/time to seamlessly make space for practice and group teachings. Arrange your consumption and kitchen with care.

Weekly Conscious Consumption Reflections & Challenges - in your inbox

PDFs will update by section 

Clean Out PDF

Monthly Live Lightly Supp Protocol

Shopping List

Intermittent Fasting Information

Prep Guide Video

About Supplements Video


Staple Foods

Daily - Meditation & Practice

January 12th - 19th 2020

30 days of Sadhana 

1 video each week - Asana - Kriya - Meditation

*Practice the same Sadhana for week long intervals -

a new Sadhana will be posted every Sunday for the month

Fresh Food

Building Virtual Community

Tag on Instagram: 

+  Dan: @_livelightly_  & Sue: @livelightly_

+ Tag each other, in Supp & Food Creation pics

+ hashtags: #livelightly #consciousconsumption

+ Dan's email: 


Transparency | Know the makers behind your products. Support ethical production on your wellness and awareness building journey. Live Lightly supports your well-being, environmentally friendly sustainable production, and organic products.

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