To Know Nothing & Want Everything


We have all wept in the dark hours of night

Wishing, yearning, begging

To know ourselves


We may act as if we have it “together”

That's nothing but a lie

Listen to the space between the words

See the space between the body language  


It is in that space you can feel the inherent sadness

Pain and othering

We each experience from the core of our own being


Remember, no matter the form

We have all wept in the dark hours of night

Countless times

Wishing, yearning, begging

To know ourselves  


The self is this very desire

                                                                                                                                   + sue hunt Nov 8, 2020

B I G  W A K E

My last 2 weeks of Connect to Spirit Sessions have been filled with the complexities of deep, intense, painful suffering. 


Life Cycles, birth, death, trauma, heartbreak, addiction, mental illness, the dissolution of family units, habits that pull us out of our integrity. This is what my system is built to do, hold another human's hand and walk side by side with them in their suffering. To me this is the greatest act of human dignity, to give attention that supports clarity in self and others. 


I kept repeating this to myself in the last 2 weeks to help explain the karmic purpose of suffering, and the moments of self-actualization that are the fertile ground of that suffering. I thought I would share! 



Its working,

keep going. 

+ sue hunt Oct. 14, 2020

T H E Y  S A Y.

Appear as a woman 

Willing to stand up for yourself in all situations

Opinionated and stubborn 

They say


Appear as a woman 

Willing to fight tooth and nail for your businesses

A bossy bitch 

They say 


Appear as a woman

Without children and no desire to have them

Is something wrong? Is your body ok?

They say


Appear as a woman 

Dream so big the rest of the world can't see it

Emotional and out of line

They say 


Appear as a woman 

With an intuitive knowing, that can not be shattered

Unstable and irrational

They say  


Appear as a woman

As professional as can be, with brilliant ideas 

Callous and stand-offish 

They say


Such is the path.

Hold all projections at an arms length. 

Keep up. 

+ sue hunt Oct. 4, 2020

P L A C E.    I D E N I T I T Y. 

It's been 6 years since we left the city life behind.

Before we lived in Taos, NM. We lived in an even more remote town, deep in the woods of Kentucky.

Tiny living in our school bus house, everything you need and nothing you don't.

Rock climbing, everyday.

I am finding my heart and mind is way more connected to land, and the vibration of PLACE.

With less stimulus, my central nervous system is way more relaxed and sensitive.


My astro signature is ALL water, then fire, and some wind in key communication placements.

Hence the passion for words and creating worlds with words.

Only have 2 earth placements, one that governs my work ethic, steady and intense.

Another that governs, my dream state.

The dream moves into manifest form within waking life reality connected to presence and relevance.

I have always had a love affair with earth.

Never wanting to be inside as a kid, always playing with the plants, building forts, and hours of make believe in the woods of Appalachia.
I feel the relationship over the last several years shifting into a deeper state of connection. I am truly affected by the vibration of a PLACE. My psyche recognizes the inherent value and symbiosis of identifying with place.
Place identity evokes respect and devotion. Thank you.

+ sue hunt May 4 2019

W R I N K L E D.  &  W O R N. 

My long orangish brown hair, will be worn in salt and pepper braids, with two turquoise clasps.
My sun spots will have grown, and mark the years spent frolicking in fresh air.
Wiping sweat from my forehead with the back of my dust covered hand.
My wrinkles will be deep, and filled with high desert character.
My hands strong, with knobby knuckles wearing many handcrafted rings with precious gem stones.
My heart space, worn, wise and open.
My knees built from the miles of walking, and strong support.
My old skin, will drape in all the places no one ever wants it too.
But I know in my heart, I won't care one bit.
My mind will be as sharp as a tack, and many people won't love what I say, for it exposes the truth.
All of my books, it feels like 5 to 7 of them might sit on your bookshelf.
Many will read them, and their words will forever live on in my heart and hopefully open yours.
I often picture myself as outspoken, wrinkly and old, wearing army green, lots turquoise, and some beat up jeans.

Who has seen it all and loved BIG!


The health/wellness/beauty/fashion/cosmetics industry twists our gaze, tricking us out of the joy of aging.


Imagine yourself aging with grace, allowing your body to reflect the journey of the soul.

Write out a vision of you in your later years.

What does your voice sound like?

Your face look like?

What will you be proud of?

How will you honor your journey?


+ sue hunt april 27 2020

A L I G N M E N T. Oct. 12-17th

Sue's Reading through Friday: 

Until Oct. 17th, we are experiencing what's called a Grand Cross configuration. I know this configuration well, because it is the only chart pattern I have in my personal natal chart.


The configuration of this pattern is often seen as


The cross structure is seeking to deliver profound integration and internal messages to get your conscious mind on board. I use the word curse to describe a moment, situation, ending of a relationship, a moving on in your professional life, leaving of a place...etc...


...that might be very heavy and intense to cope with it at this time, but this configuration holds the wisdom of silver linings. As well as enough friction to make big changes catapulting you towards balance!


New Moon in Libra on Friday, this grand cross includes this

new Moon in Libra and the Sun is currently in Libra. 


Use this week to deeply ask about:

- WHERE and TO WHOM have I given to many of my emotional and spiritual resources?

- Where and how do I learn to give more TIME to myself, my processing and my dream state? 

- Is there a situation I need to develop an exit plan from? So I can therefore give myself time to process and then repurpose that energy towards my own balance and dream-state. 

- What does balance look like for me, and how and I making choices that honor that daily? If not why? 


The only way through this new moon, grand cross configuration is to FEEL the emotions of Cancer and allow the grounded voice of Capricorn to help you place and process the feelings around how and where you need to take action in creating more balance in your one precious life! Save your energy for purposeful action, and don't let the stubborn, sometimes rude energy of Mars get the best of you. Be on the look out for the bait from others as well, do your best to stay clear in the mercury retrograde period. 


+ sue hunt Oct. 11, 2020

Sue Hunt

Taos, New Mexico

©2020 Sue Hunt & Live Lightly