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Dan and a former professional baseball player holds degrees in environmental science and biology. 

His appreciation for earth and all of her beauty lead him down the path of tiny living, sustainable cultivation practices and an immense love of fungi. 

Dan now calls Taos, New Mexico home with his wife Sue and wolf dog Nihla. 

Dan is the elevated force behind LiveLightly Supplements and the growth of the Live Lightly Wellness platform. He is also the chef for Live Lightly Spiritual Immersion retreats taught by Susan Ashley Hunt. Using the skills he developed during a career as a chef, Dan has integrated his knowledge of food with his passion for mind and body optimization. He creates conscious consumption menus that approach consumption as a way to live harmoniously in total health. 


Dan co-hosts intimate spiritual immersion retreats in Taos with his wife Sue. Together they submerge student's body/minds in plant medicine, conscious consumption, mindful living, and spiritual practice with mind altering affects.  

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